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Have you ever dreamt you could fly?

Joanna Fowler in flight

PBF Presenter Joanna Fowler has.  In fact she tried skydiving in her previous life and absolutely loved it. Joanna’s adventurous spirit is so strong that even quadriplegia can’t slow her down.  Recently she visited iFLY Downunder on the Gold Coast with her family to relive her dream of flying.

iFLY is one of the few companies in Australia that offers facilities and experiences that are accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities.  Indoor skydiving is one of the most all-inclusive activities in the world, with the state-of-the-art wind tunnel providing a fully controlled, ultra-safe environment giving truly anyone the opportunity to fly.  They have flown wheelchair users, those of low vision, hearing loss, people living with paraplegia and amputees, as well as people living with autism, cerebral palsy and more.

The experience was something Joanna will never forget and she cannot speak highly enough of the iFLY staff.  As a high level quadriplegic (C3) Joanna is in a chin controlled wheelchair, only able to move from the neck up.

Joanna had concerns with breathing – due to the pressure of the wind tunnel – and her body being a dead weight.  To overcome this iFLY provided a full face helmet and there were two instructors inside the tunnel to assist.

“It was definitely an experience worth doing, but the flight was not as enjoyable as pre-injury.  However it was simply awesome to be able to be included in a family adventure activity.  Being an active participant and not merely a spectator made every second worth it.”  Joanna Fowler

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