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Workplace dangers are real.  Reminders, such as those provided by PBF Australia’s presenters, are sometimes all that is required to bring safety to the forefront of your workers minds.

On Monday 5th February, Paul Carson delivered two PBF Injury Prevention Workplace Presentations (Safety as a Core Life Value) to over 100 ExxonMobil employees, at their Yarraville Terminal in Victoria.

The global merger of Exxon Corporation and Mobil Oil Corporation in 1999 heralded the creation of the world’s largest publicly listed traded oil and gas company, ExxonMobil Corporation.  Today, ExxonMobil in Australia is part of the world’s premier petroleum and petrochemical company.

PBF’s workplace presentations are simple yet raw talks, from a professional presenter who has incurred a life changing injury at work. Our program achieves the desired cut through that clients, such as ExxonMobil’s safety supervisors, are looking for.

“Please pass on our gratitude (from the YSOP team) to Paul.  Very good, clear, concise and to the point presentation.  Thank you.” Danny James, Safety Supervisor, Yarraville YSOP Project, Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd.

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Paul Carson - PBF Workplace Presenter

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