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Switching On Safety

Darron Shields presenting at TAFE Queensland

What role do you play in safety at work?

Does the responsibility sit with one person or a team of people?

Understanding safety as a core life value is a new concept for many people. Most people place a high value on their family and friends, their freedom and ability to earn an income. Without safety in this mix all the things we value are put at risk. Ensuring you conduct yourself in a safe manner and that you lookout for your workmates is a way of ensuring your plans for the future are realised.

In December, TAFE Queensland held a Safety Culture Workshop for their senior leadership group (over 110 employees).  As key corporate members of PBF Australia, Darron Shields was asked to share PBF’s message which focuses on safety as a core life value.

The intention of the Safety Culture Workshop was to “make safety personal” for all attendees and to enhance their understanding of the direct impact their leadership has on safety performance.  It is also intended that this workshop will be the starter of many safety conversations. Darron’s message focused on how distraction is part of daily life for everyone but unfortunately distraction is becoming a leading cause of injury.

“Darron’s presentation was the third and last for the workshop, and it was the perfect close. Complimenting the previous two presentations, Darron certainly made safety personal.  His presentation had the desired impact and many staff wanted to introduce themselves to Darron afterwards.” Belinda Livingstone (Principal Advisor, People Culture and Change, TAFE Queensland).

TAFE Queensland are leaders in the vocational education and training sector, and believes that safety is so much more than management systems and compliance – it truly is a core life value.  Like many organisations, TAFE Queensland is constantly working to improve its safety culture and through the partnership with PBF Australia has taken a step in the right direction.


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