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Positive Action - A Personal Story of PBF Membership

“Advocacy, support, education, protection through risk management and care of body”. These are some of the words and phrases that spring to mind for Sue Hurt when she thinks of PBF Australia.

Sue and her husband David have been private members of PBF Australia for decades.  Sue originally heard about us from her local GP back in the early 1980’s, when our founder Sir George Bedbrook established PBF due to his concern for the lack of financial support available to his patients living with a permanent spinal cord injury (SCI).

It is support from PBF members like Sue who have kept us growing since 1984.  Being from a sporting family herself, and heavily involved in equestrian and cycling activities, Sue watched the Paralympics with interest for many years. She was fascinated by the fabulous achievements of the competitors; achievements that often masked the reality of the huge physical, mental and financial adjustments the athletes had made to their lives.

Sue and David now live a semi-rural lifestyle on a working property.  Their PBF membership offers some peace of mind and financial protection should an accident occur leading to a permanent SCI. “We see PBF Membership as an investment in our family. A cost effective solution to the potential risk – positive action.” Sue said.

Since starting as a membership organisation in 1984 PBF Australia has expanded and we now provide:

  •  Injury Prevention Programs to educate the workforce, schools and community groups.
  • Employment opportunities for those living with permanent SCI.
  • A Peer Support Program offering non-clinical advice and mobility skills training to the newly injured. We help those with SCI to continue to live a vibrant and independent life.
  • A Gifting Fund to support people whose lives have been dramatically changed by a spinal cord injury. 100% of donations to PBF Australia are returned to the community.

Sue believes we make a difference: “PBF Australia highlights spinal cord injury and how easily things can happen.  Realisation that your injury is life changing – that you have a new normal and need to be able to adjust to that situation.  From prevention in the community, workplace, and sporting fields, the membership inches people closer to a better tomorrow.  The values of PBF are aligned to many with positive actions in the community that helps someone directly, and extends to people whose names you do not know.  One can always do more.  I feel that PBF does that one bit more.”

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Sue Hurt with her team riding to Conquer Cancer
Sue Hurt - PBF Private Member

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