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Paul & Darron with Reeece Butler & some of the Termi Team

Every year more than 100,000 Australian’s are involved in a serious workplace accident. That means every single day approximately 273 people, family members, loved ones are involved in a serious workplace incident.

Impactful and unforgettable, PBF’s Injury Prevention Workplace presentations bring credibility to each individual workplace’s safety message.  Through our speaker’s personal stories PBF is able to build greater awareness of the risk of serious injury to Australians in their workplaces, as well as encourage personal responsibility for adopting safe work practices.

Reece Butler is the Operations Manager at Termi Home and Commercial in Zillmere, Brisbane. Reece first encountered PBF Australia back in September 2015 when he was Operations Manager for Dindas. Paul O’Brien (PBF workplace presenter) had visited Dindas’s warehouse to share with them his personal account of the workplace incident that resulted in his paraplegia.

As a successful way to reinforce the company’s safety message, Paul’s presentation left a lasting impression with Reece.   Upon moving onto Termi Home and Commercial, Reece contacted PBF Australia to arrange a presentation last month to his new workforce.

The management team at Termi Home and Commercial feel strongly about educating their workforce around the importance of their own safety.  Paul’s emotionally charged story detailed the impact that his workplace incident has had on all aspects of his life – family, friends, health, career and income.  Challenging his audience to consider the lifelong impacts an unsafe work choice can have on themselves and those around them.

The importance of staying safe at work and in all areas of your life is a heartfelt yet often confronting message that PBF presenters leave with their audiences.   It literally can take only a second for everything to change.

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