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Humbling and Rewarding

Humbling & Rewarding –  two words our presenter Michelina Pelosi uses to describe the feedback she receives from presenting for TORP (Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program) in Sydney.

Following is an extract from a thank you letter received from a recent participant of TORP.

“I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your presentation and sharing your story last night at the Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program. The fact that you give your time to people who have made poor decisions on the road is truly admirable. Also the strength and resilience you showed as such a young victim really touched me.

There were two things you said that really resonated with me. The first was that you believe everything happens for a reason and despite my regret of speeding, I believe I was caught to prevent me from ever doing it again and becoming the model driver that I want my son to be when he grows up. I was fortunate to have a second chance.

The second was, that when you are faced with a choice you should think about the possible outcomes for others. Anyone can speed but when I think about anything ever happening to my son (I have an 8 month old) it completely changes my perspective. Now that I am a parent it is my responsibility to keep my son safe and I would never be able to live with myself if my actions on the road were to cause him harm or anyone else (we are all someone’s child).”

PBF Australia is proud of our association with The Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program (TORP).  This is a court approved road safety program designed specifically for traffic offenders.  They provide participants with the information and skills necessary to develop attitudes towards driving and to change negative driving behaviour.  Their ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of participants committing any further traffic offences.

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