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The True Road Toll Is Broader Than Fatalities

Driving is one of the most dangerous things you will do in your day to day life.  Every day we jump in the car, head off to work and drive between appointments. Yet road safety doesn’t play a significant enough role in the safety culture of many workplaces.

Australia’s road fatalities increased by 7.5% in 2016, and this trend appears to be continuing in 2017 (3).  Road trauma is already the 9th leading cause of death worldwide and it is estimated it will be one of the top five killers by 2030 (2).

The true road toll however is broader than fatalities.  There are far more people taken to hospital after a road crash than die, and these injuries can have lifelong repercussions.

PBF Australia was recently engaged by Upstream Production Solutions (Upstream PS).  A wholly owned subsidiary of GR Engineering, providing operations and maintenance, wellsites, production assurance and engineering services.  The Upstream PS team has served the oil and gas industry in Australia for more than 20 years, developing a reputation for providing safe, innovative and sustainable solutions to production challenges.

Upstream PS keeps their people and projects safe by maintaining a visible safety culture and a focus on continuous improvement.  PBF Australia was asked to address the aspect of road safety through sharing our Injury Prevention Workplace Presentations with their workforces in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and remote Roma.  With a focus on road safety.

Jason McGregor and Keith Conder incurred spinal cord injuries whilst driving.  Through sharing their personal stories, PBF highlights the importance of safety being at the core of everything we do.  In particular driving.

Distraction or inattention, fatigue, speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt and drug/drink driving are the Fatal Five we need to be aware of.  The leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injury in Australia is land transport crashes (46%) (1).

Unfortunately the impact of road statistics soon gets forgotten.  The reality of someone in a wheelchair, right there in front of you, sharing their story of how their life has been dramatically impacted forever, cannot.

“We had Jason from PBF Australia in giving us a safety presentation which differs from the usual ‘Powerpoint presentation’, as Jason took us through how he ended up in a wheelchair and the effect this has had on his life.  It comes down to the choices we make and our perception of risk and his story was the hard hitting reality of when it all goes wrong.  Anyone looking to give your teams a very high quality and engaging eye opening presentation on the harsh reality of what can go wrong, should give PBF Australia a call.” Kevin Waddell, Senior Project/Planning Engineer at Upstream Production Solutions.

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(3) Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2017|19 Safer Roads, Safer Queensland

Jason speaking with the Brisbane Upstream PS team
Jason addressing the Melbourne Upstream PS team
Jason disembarking from the Qantas Link flight in Roma
Keith presenting to the Perth Upstream PS team

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