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Happy Hour With A Difference

Shane chatting with the students
Symon Still, Shane Agnew, Matt Naysmith, Kate Fandry & Henry

Each semester Notre Dame University in Fremantle WA hosts approximately 80 students from it’s various campuses around the world.  The majority are from the U.S.A. and aged between 18 and 21.

The university is committed to raising awareness of the risks associated with the use of alcohol, so at the beginning of the semester they host an introduction day based around the lunch time theme “Happy Hour”.  During this hour students are exposed to important health promotion messages, focusing on responsible alcohol intake.  In groups of five, students are rotated around the various health promotion stations.  This year the PBF/RAC station was hosted by Shane Agnew, one of PBF Australia’s road safety presenters, along with his two carers.

Shane is a high level quadriplegic (C1), as the direct result of a motorcycle crash whilst he was under the influence of alcohol. Over a period of five minutes, Shane shares his personal story centred around the negative influences that alcohol had on his decision making, riding performance, and risk awareness.  Ultimately alcohol was the biggest contributor to his motorcycle crash.

PBF’s injury prevention message is very clear, but we also like to leave on a positive.  The students were encouraged to go out and enjoy their time discovering Western Australia, and were given a little souvenir of a co-branded RAC/PBF hacky sack, as a gentle reminder of Shane’s story and our road safety message.

It really only takes a split second to change everything.

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