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Values Align – TAFE QLD joins PBF Australia

TAFE Queensland and PBF Australia share common values.  Both organisations have a proven record of making a difference in the lives of the people they are set up to serve.

Queensland’s largest, most experienced training provider is TAFE QLD, delivering practical skills and industry-relevant training to more than 180,000 students each year.  In January this year TAFE Queensland became Corporate Partners with PBF Australia, with a view to develop an integrative Corporate Community Partnership.

The nature of a Community Partnership is characterised by mutual reputational benefits and positive outcomes for the Queensland community. An added benefit to this partnership is the $250,000 cover against traumatic spinal cord injury for TAFE employees, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Last month Graeme Kendall (PBF Eastern States General Manager) meet with members of TAFE QLD’s Human Relation offices from across the state.  The purpose of the meeting was to firstly welcome them on-board and secondly introduce them to Joanna Fowler – PBF Ambassador assigned to TAFE Queensland.

Joanna is an inspirational PBF Injury Prevention Presenter and a qualified chemistry teacher. An adventure loving mum who became a quadriplegic from a simple fall at home.  Her safety message is a powerful one, delivered from a chin controlled wheelchair with a full time carer at her side. A positive upbeat presenter, Joanna believes in grasping and running with opportunities when they arise and looks forward to working closely with TAFE Queensland teams.

Thank you TAFE Queensland, PBF Australia is proud and excited by our alliance.  With dedicated ambassadors on both sides, watch this space for the amazing outcomes this partnership is about to achieve.

For more information on becoming a PBF Corporate Member click here.

Joanna Fowler PBF TAFE QLD Ambassador

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