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The country township of Warwick is located on the banks of the Condamine River in southeast Queensland.  Founded in 1850, Warwick has fostered a strong agricultural industry.  With a population of approximately 14,000 it is surprising to learn that this district is home to PBF Australia’s largest number of corporate members.

After her son Peter fell and incurred a life-changing spinal cord injury, Wendy Ardrey’s family were put under enormous financial strain. Wendy, a local Warwick resident, set about educating her family, friends and the local community to prevent injuries and raise awareness of PBF Australia. Her hope being that if someone in her community were injured they would receive the necessary financial help to support themselves.

In 2002, after picking up a brochure whilst visiting her son in hospital, Wendy contacted PBF Australia to see how we could help.  Tony South, PBF’s Queensland Business Development Manager and one of Australia’s longest surviving paraplegics, visited Warwick to share his personal story with the local farmers and businesses.  Tony’s presentations and work within the region has resulted in a greater awareness of spinal cord injury and an increase in PBF Australia memberships.

Due to her positive action following a personal family tragedy Wendy has achieved her desired outcome, as more local residents are now members of PBF Australia and have financial protection should they incur a permanent spinal cord injury.

Individuals really can make a difference and it is the inspiring personal stories that make PBF Australia’s work so worthwhile.  Permanent paralysis is always unexpected and frequently preventable.  PBF Australia was established to create greater awareness of these risks, with the aim of reducing the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury in Australia.

So thank you Wendy – it is people like you who help us make a difference!

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Wendy Ardre  – Warwick Qld
Wendy Ardrey

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