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Challenging Perceptions During SCI Awareness Week

During Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week (4th – 10th  September 2017), spinal injury organisations around Australia worked together to raise awareness of the daily lives of people who have a spinal cord injury; challenging perceptions of what it means to have a spinal cord injury as well as highlighting what we can all do to prevent one.

In Western Australia, PBF supported Spinal WA’s “Wheels on Chairs” campaign in order to raise awareness and provoke discussion.

‘Wheels’ were placed on chairs at Bocelli’s Espresso in Forest Place, Perth and at the iconic Gino’s café in Fremantle, to create the illusion that every customer was sitting in a wheelchair. PBF was on hand to share some personal stories of spinal cord injuries, inviting people to consider the consequences of this life changing injury.

PBF’s Chief Executive Officer, Martin Browning, says SCI doesn’t only impact the injured person, it also affects friends and family and sometimes even a whole community.

“With one Australian left paralysed every day and an estimated 15,000 Australians living with SCI, a broader understanding and greater public awareness is important. By challenging perceptions of what it means to live with SCI we hope to reduce the obstacles and promote inclusion for people with spinal cord injury” he said.

“The Wheels on Chairs activation’s in high profile locations provided a powerful visual cue to highlight SCI, and we will continue to share stories of the spinal cord injured, inviting others to imagine what it might feel like to experience a life changing event”.

Wheels on chairs at Gino’s in Fremantle
Wheels on chairs & sharing recorded PBF stories at Bocelli’s Espresso in Perth

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