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Returning Every Dollar To The Community

Meet Dennis, a recent recipient of funding through PBF Australia’s Gifting Fund, and his gorgeous dog Shamus.  A government subsidy covered the cost of Dennis’ wheelchair but not the essential modifications required.  Dennis couldn’t afford these adjustments, which cost close to $2000, but without them his wheelchair was not fully operational.

Unfortunately home adaptations, electric beds, wheelchairs, support tools and equipment can still be unattainable for many living with a permanent SCI in Australia, even with the government schemes and assistance available.

In 1985 Dennis emigrated from Scotland to Australia to start a new adventure with his wife and young children. Only two years later Dennis was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident that broke his neck and left him a quadriplegic; and he has now been in a wheelchair for 30 years.  Unfortunately once you reach 65 years old you are no longer eligible for much of the support offered in Australia.

Government schemes like MASS (Medical Aid Subsidy Scheme) tend to fund about 75% of the cost of necessary equipment. As a funder of last resort PBF Australia can help those in need meet any financial shortfalls. When Dennis realised he couldn’t afford the required wheelchair modifications, the Queensland SPOT Team (Spinal Outreach Team) helped him apply to PBF Australia’s Gifting Fund. SPOT are a team of experienced health professionals who provide information and advice about equipment, support services, health issues, work, recreation and many other aspects of life with spinal cord injury.

When we asked Dennis how important the help provided by PBF Australia’s Gifting Fund was he simply stated; “The wheelchair modifications I needed were essential – but where am I going to get $2000 from?”

PBF Australia is able to help Gifting Fund applicants via the distribution of donations received.  We return every donation dollar to the community and apply stringent criteria to all gifting requests to ensure full value is received for all donated funds.

We are extremely grateful for the donations received from individuals and corporate organisations that make our spinal cord injury gifting program possible.

If you would like to make a difference and help someone like Dennis living with a permanent spinal cord injury you can DONATE now.

Dennis Jones
Dennis and Shamus

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