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Hundreds of Presentations to Thousands of Australians

Accurate statistics on the frequency and cause of spinal cord injury (SCI) in Australia are hard to collate, but a summary of the latest report available (1) shows that 347 new cases were reported to the Australian Spinal Cord Injury Register (ASCIR) during 2013-14 (2).

So almost every day someone, somewhere in Australia, is impacted by this devastating injury. The vast majority of these new cases are traumatic injuries with the leading cause being land transport crashes (45%), followed by falls (32%).

At PBF we want to see fewer Australians becoming permanently paralysed each year through accidents at home, work or play. We are also committed to offering employment to those impacted by SCI, so each of our award winning injury prevention programs is delivered by one of our team who are living with permanent injury.

In 2017 PBF Australia delivered a staggering 897 injury prevention presentations, reaching over 47,000 Australians. These covered our 4 key focus areas emphasising safe practices and the consequences of making unsafe choices on the road, within the workplace, around drugs and alcohol and in the water:

  • Road: 571 road safety presentations were conducted at schools, including programs with our partners RAC WA, RSE and TORP;
  • Workplace: 216 workplace presentations were conducted for some of Australia’s leading businesses;
  • Youth: 94 drug and alcohol prevention presentations were conducted in our local communities through the participating hospital’s P.A.R.T.Y programs;
  • Aqua: 16 life-saving aqua presentations were delivered.

Every private and corporate member of PBF should be incredibly proud of this achievement. With your help we are able to offer employment opportunities to those living with SCI and deliver our injury prevention programs throughout Australia.

Please continue to support PBF through your membership, so we can continue to reduce the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury in Australia during 2018.


(2) The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare –;

Paul O'Brien addressing employees from the UGL Limited in NSW
Tegan Crick speaking with Qld Students at the Road Safety Education RYDA program
Paul Carson presenting onsite for Castrol in Victoria
Symon Still & Katie Stokes speaking to PBF Corporate Members Scott Printers in WA

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