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Value Of Our Corporate Partners

Tony South PBF Business Development Corporate Manager Herron Todd White Darling Downs

We at PBF Australia never underestimate the value of our corporate partners, as we work towards reducing the incidence and impact of spinal cord injury, quadriplegia and paraplegia across Australia.

As a not for profit organization that doesn’t seek government funding, PBF Australia relies on membership revenue from both our Corporate and Private Members. Keeping our members informed and equipping them with the knowledge that safety is a core life value is part of our mission .  We as a community need to work together to prevent spinal cord injury.

Tony South (PBF Community Partnership Manager) recently hosted a motivational safety and wellbeing presentation for the employees of Herron Todd White Darling Downs.  Herron Todd White Darling Downs have been PBF Corporate Members since January 2015, and are one of nine Herron Todd White offices that are current PBF Corporate Members.  Herron Todd White is the largest independent property valuation and advisory group in Australia.  Their objective is to provide the highest level of client service with integrity, professionalism and independence.

A key component of Tony’s address was the issue of complacency and distraction whilst driving, as many of Herron Todd White’s employees are required to drive long distances. The presentation advised that nearly half of all causes of quadriplegia or paraplegia come from motor vehicle accidents, resulting in traumatic lifestyle consequences.

PBF Australia would like to acknowledge Herron Todd White for their support of PBF Australia through their Corporate Membership, and for encouraging their workforce to be safer in the way they approach their day to day activities.

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