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Delivering PBF Workplace Programs; Anytime, Anywhere

PBF Australia successfully deliver workplace injury prevention programs throughout Australia, and we are often asked to present at remote regional locations.

Our injury prevention presenters are in wheelchairs, however they pride themselves on their independence and ability to take our safety message to the workers in their workplace. We are proud to say that over the years we have been able to accommodate most presentation requests.

To deliver a safety message in a Board room, with all the audio visual equipment on hand and the right acoustics is ideal, but sometimes not realistic. Many of our clients are on construction sites, building sites, in warehouses or in factories. However PBF Australia’s safety message is portable, and we often demonstrate our willingness and ability to make a difference in the workplace, however complex or challenging the logistics are.

Recently this concept was truly put to the test as Santos GLNG, a leading natural gas producer, asked us to deliver multiple presentations at their remote plant over a five day period.

As the operator of a major resource project, Santos GLNG has safety instilled as a core value. Operating under the relevant legislation and EHS management system, Santos GLNG has the goal of achieving industry best practice safety performance that incorporates world-class systems to prevent incidents.

The Santos GLNG plant is located on Curtis Island, a few kilometres from Gladstone, and the only access to the site is via ferry. PBF workplace presenter Paul O’Brien is a paraplegic, so PBF and Santos GLNG worked closely on how best to transfer Paul to and from their site.

The first option was to transfer Paul inside a vehicle. However, with only one vehicle barge operating per day on a set timetable, this method would not allow Paul to deliver the number of scheduled presentations at the required session times.

The regular passenger ferries were the second option. Although buildings on site are fully equipped for wheelchair access; the ramp on and off the ferry was slightly too narrow for Paul’s wheelchair. As an incomplete paraplegic Paul can stand and walk forward for short distances, but requires his wheelchair to move about for the majority of the time.

Not one to shirk a challenge, Paul moved on and off the ferry on a daily basis for a week with the support of a pair of crutches and a couple of helpers standing at his front and rear. The biggest issue he encountered was the angle of the jetty walkway; as depending on the tide the incline could be quite steep.

Once on site everything was easy. Paul delivered nine PBF injury prevention workplace programs (Safety as a Core Life Value) over five days to over 100 employees.

“The programs were well received. The safety message really sunk in for the people who attended the sessions and the outcome I was hoping for was definitely achieved! Hopefully we can make it a regular pre-shutdown event” said Steve Breiner, Panel Technician at GLNG.

Curtis Island, Queensland
PBF Presenter Paul O'Brien sharing his story with Santos employees
Feeding the gas into the pipeline
PBF Presenter Paul O'Brien addressing the Santos employees

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