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YOLO - You Only Live Once!

YOLO – You Only Live Once!

PBF Australia is extremely proud of our ongoing involvement with Stanwell Corporation Limited’s (Stanwell) successful Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program for young workers and the mentors, YOLO.  This training session was developed at Stanwell Power Station by the Health and Safety Team and Corporate Health and Safety Culture Specialist. Since 2013 it is delivered at each of their operational sites.

Stanwell is a diversified energy company who own coal, gas and water assets which they use to generate electricity for the National Electricity Market. Stanwell is the largest electricity generator in Queensland, with seven geographically dispersed sites.

At the end of October 2015, PBF Australia’s Injury Prevention Workplace presenter Jason McGregor was invited to present during the YOLO sessions at two of the Stanwell sites – Meandu Mine and Tarong Power Station located in South Burnett region.  Tarong Power Station is one of the most technically advanced coal-fired power stations in the southern hemisphere. The adjacent Meandu Mine supplies the coal to both Tarong and Tarong North Power Stations via a 1.5 kilometre conveyor. PBF Australia provides a broader industry and community viewpoint of the importance and impact of health, safety and wellbeing at work.

“YOLO is a 2.5 hour multi-media, interactive training intervention that was developed internally after an internal injury review highlighted that young workers were not effectively identifying and controlling hazards.  YOLO stands apart because it innovatively employs psychological principals to capture attention and transfer skills to young workers, their mentors and workplace leaders.  YOLO raises awareness of the additional risk to young workers due to their human developmental stage, increases understanding of learning and cognitive and behavioural safety factors affecting young people (under 25) at work and home, and provides education and tools to empower young workers to better manage their world,” said Tara Hall (H&S Advisor, Health & Safety, Stanwell).

The success of YOLO is shown in the substantial (75%) decrease in young worker injuries. YOLO has received 2 QLD Safe Work Awards Commendations in 2014 (for ‘Best Solution to an Identified Work Health And Safety Issue” and “Best Demonstrated Leadership in Work Health and Safety”).  This year, YOLO won a National Award at the 2015 Australian Psychological Society Workplace Excellence Awards for “Workplace Health and Wellbeing.

If you would like to see how PBF Australia can work with your organisation to compliment and add value to your Safety Programs and/or Tool Box Talks, please click  here.

Jason McGregor PBF Injury Prevention Workplace YOLO Stanwell Group
Jason McGregor PBF Injury Prevention Workplace YOLO Stanwell Group

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