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Why Small Organisations Become Corporate Members

Peta LGA B&W

In August 1950 Local Government Managers Australia Queensland (LGMA Qld) held its inaugural meeting.  Since then they have expanded considerably with all Queensland councils affiliated in some way and membership spread across the state.

LGMA Queensland’s core purpose has not changed in 66 years – it is to support local government officers in Queensland. They achieve this through lobbying and advocacy to represent the interest of their members; and enhancing professionalism of officers through the provision of education, training and information.

Earlier this year Peta Irvine (Chief Executive Officer) met with Tony South from PBF Australia to discuss why LGMA Qld became PBF Corporate Members.

“As a small organisation there are limited ways you can provide added support to staff.  PBF Australia’s Corporate Membership is a practical and affordable means to support our staff and offers a form of insurance they may not have considered for themselves.  The cost incurred in the event of a spinal cord injury is extreme, and the inability to meet these costs can further hinder a person’s functionality.  By joining PBF Australia, LGMA Qld can now offer practical support to our staff in the event it is needed.  I would recommend that other organisations like us consider becoming Corporate Members of PBF Australia, as it is not only highly affordable but makes an enormous difference.” Peta Irvine (CEO of LGMA Qld).

Protect your entire workforce should the unexpected happen.  PBF Corporate Membership is a unique staff benefit.  Offering 24 hour protection, every day of the year, both on and off the job.  If you can see the benefit in offering your staff PBF Corporate Membership please visit us here.

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