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Spinal cord injury protection – we are here to help ease the impact.

Realising you are never going to walk again is not something you can prepare for. The impacts are far reaching, and extend beyond the physical injury, to emotional and financial challenges.

At PBF Australia, we have already thought about your future. We are a membership-based organisation, offering crucial financial protection in the unfortunate event of a permanent spinal cord injury. We seek to reduce the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury in Australia, through our spinal cord injury prevention and peer support programs.

Headquartered in Perth and Brisbane, PBF Australia provides spinal cord injury protection to over 55,000 members nationwide and employs more than 45 people living with permanent spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord Injury Protection

Life after a spinal cord injury can feel overwhelming. From a logistical perspective, major adjustments are required to your home, vehicle, and workplace to enable you to maintain your independence. In addition, rehabilitation and ongoing daily living costs continue to exist and grow.

For a little more than $1 per week, PBF Australia members who sustain a permanent spinal cord injury are eligible to claim a member benefit of $250,000. We offer private and corporate memberships, plus packages designed for sporting events. Learn more about our membership options.

Spinal Cord Injury Prevention

At PBF Australia, we aim to reduce the number of people becoming permanently paralysed each year due to spinal cord injury. We have developed award winning Injury Prevention programs that aim to reduce the incidence of serious injury at work, and at play. In 2014 our workplace, aqua, road and youth Injury prevention programs reached more than 48,000 Australians. Learn more about our spinal cord injury prevention programs across Australia.

Spinal Cord Injury Support

At PBF Australia we help ease the impact of a spinal cord injury. From working with patients in the initial weeks and months of their injury, to providing financial assistance and employment opportunities – we help those living with paraplegia and quadriplegia get the most out of life.

Learn more about our Peer Support and Gifting programs.

Find out more about our membership options.

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