Corporate Governance

Our policies and guiding principles – PBF Australia.

PBF Australia is a company limited by guarantee, with no share capital and an Australian Financial Services Licence (No 301359).

PBF Product Disclosure Statement

Please consider the PBF Product Disclosure Statement relating to PBF’s membership products before making any decision to purchase the product. The statement contains full details of the terms and conditions of this product.

Download the complete PBF Product Disclosure Statement

Download the PBF Product Disclosure Statement for Corporates

Download the PBF Product Disclosure Statement for Events

Download the PBF Product Disclosure Statement for Private Members


The Constitution of PBF Australia Ltd (being Memorandum and Articles of Association) under Corporations Law a Company Limited by Guarantee. ACN 009 265 892

Download the Constitution and Articles of Association of PBF Australia.

If you have any questions about the PBF Australia product or the PBF Product Disclosure Statement, please get in touch.

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