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Jodie’s Story

03 Nov 2022
01 Nov 2022

Joanna’s Horse Ride

After breaking her neck in a fall Joanna is a C3 complete quadriplegic and uses a chin-controlled wheelchair An active PBF presenter Joanna believes that “anything is possible”, and recently set ....

14 Oct 2022

Sir George Bedbrook inducted into Sport Australia Hall of Fame

13 October 2022   Pioneer of the Australian Paralympic Movement and founder of the Paraplegic Benefit Fund Australia inducted into Sport Australia Hall of Fame Perth, Western Australia – Sir ....

18 Aug 2022

National Photo Day

August 19th is National Photo Day, the perfect day to showcase PBF team member and photographer, Ebonny and her work  “I’ve had a camera in my hands since I could walk, back in the Kodak ....

26 Jul 2022

Ebonny’s Story

Meet Ebonny: Ebonny was a very active member of the community pursuing her passion in photography and gaining experience in a bookkeeping career She regularly enjoyed activities like motorcycling, ....

14 Jun 2022

Konnah’s Story

“Don’t grow up too fast and don’t take life for granted” At the age of 16 Konnah had two passions, he was a musician and he liked to party with his friends on the weekends On that fateful ....

29 Mar 2022

PBF injury prevention programs

Everyday someone in Australia suffers a spinal cord injury While most Australians understand the importance of safety in the workplace, on the road and the water, very few people make it a priority ....

29 Mar 2022

The value of meaningful employment opportunities

Our own team members, who are themselves living as paraplegic or quadriplegic members of the community, are well positioned to comment on the positive impact of employment after injury In the words ....

20 Mar 2022

Michelina’s Story

On Boxing Day 1989,  Michelina had recently finished her HSC and her family planned to drive to Adelaide for a 21st birthday party on New Year’s Eve They never made it past Gundagai…  Another ....

18 Mar 2022

Greg’s Story

“Work hard and enjoy life but make sure you’re getting enough sleep” Greg grew up on a farm, learning from an early age that work was hard and hours were long This mentality continued ....

08 Mar 2022

Karen’s Story

“I saw all the warning signs, but thought nothing would happen to me” Karen is a paraplegic, at the age of 22 she was involved in a car crash in a vehicle driven by her boyfriend, who was under ....

18 Feb 2022

Matthew’s Story

In 2016, 22-year-old Matthew was working has a radiochemist in Sydney, having recently graduated University with a physics and mathematics degree One day, after lunch, Matthew was struck by a car ....

31 Jan 2022

Workplace Safety Digital Presentations

PBF Australia has developed a wide range of injury prevention programs that aim to reduce the incidence of serious injury at work, on the road and at play Our workplace safety digital presentations ....

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