Enhancing Road Safety: A 12-Year Partnership Between PBF Australia and RAC WA


For over a decade, PBF Australia and RAC have collaborated to champion road safety and injury prevention across WA. This enduring partnership has spearheaded significant initiatives, notably a road injury prevention program that brings impactful presentations, delivered at no cost, to high schools, thanks to RAC’s generous funding.

Impact on Education and Awareness

Since the inception of this program in 2012, PBF Australia has reached out to more than 180 high schools from Kununurra to Albany, educating over 150,000 students about road safety. The initiative stands out for its compelling delivery by presenters who share their personal experiences of road crashes, highlighting the dire consequences of poor choices on the road. On average, these lived-experience presenters conduct 40 presentations each term, ensuring a broad and sustained impact on young minds across the state.

PBF Australia’s involvement with RAC extends beyond regular school presentations. PBF presenters have regularly shared their powerful stories at RAC bstreetsmart, a pivotal road safety initiative for secondary school students. In 2024, this two-day event welcomed over 13,000 students, underscoring its significance and the critical need for such large-scale educational efforts. RAC bstreetsmart provides an immersive experience that reinforces the lessons taught in schools, making it a cornerstone of our road safety endeavours.

RAC General Manager External Relations Will Golsby says “Instilling safe driving practices in our young drivers is crucial for reducing crashes and saving lives.”

“By fostering a culture of responsibility and awareness, we can help young drivers make better decisions and ensure a safer future for everyone on the road.”

A Shared Vision for a Safer Future

Both PBF Australia and RAC are purpose-driven organisations with a steadfast commitment to enhancing community safety. Their joint efforts aim to foster better decision-making on the roads, ultimately leading to a reduction in preventable injuries and fatalities. By promoting road safety, they aspire to cultivate a generation of responsible and conscientious individuals who will steer society towards a future marked by fewer road safety incidents and a stronger culture of awareness. The combined efforts of PBF Australia and RAC highlight the power of partnership in driving social change. Our united unwavering dedication to road safety ensures that future generations are well-equipped to make informed decisions, significantly reducing the risk of injury and death on the roads.

As we look ahead, the commitment of PBF Australia and RAC remains clear: to educate, inspire, and empower young people to make safer choices on our roads, thereby creating a safer driving future for all.

“Please continue these powerful presentations” – teacher, John Forrest Secondary College

“Their story was interesting and linked to our road safety messages of eliminating distractions along with not drinking & driving” – teacher, Ashdale Secondary College

For more information on our programs and upcoming events, or to get involved, please visit our websites or contact us directly. Together, we can make a difference in road safety and community well-being.

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