Meet the PBF team: Introducing Katie Stokes

Meet the PBF team. Introducing Katie Stokes, who has worked with PBF for 7 years in business development.
Q:Take us through an average day for yourself.
A: An average day for me is waking up, having a coffee, getting ready for work and childcare drop off and heading into work. I speak to PBF private members, meet prospective members and reach out for new injury prevention opportunities.
Q: What do you enjoy most about working for PBF?
A: I love our team and office culture. I also thoroughly enjoy watching the PBF presenters share their stories about the factors that led up to their permanent traumatic spinal cord injury and how their incident could have been prevented. These stories are inspirational and always make me feel grateful for my health and life.
Q: What positive change or impact have you been making at PBF?
A: I have been able to contribute to PBF’s mission in reducing the incidence and impact of spinal cord injuries across Australia through increasing brand awareness of PBF in the membership and injury prevention spaces.
Q: Is there a contribution or achievement you’re most proud of being a part of at PBF?
A: Being able to make a difference to those that have suffered from a permanent traumatic spinal cord injury.
Q: What most surprised you about the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury when you began to learn about this topic?
A: I was surprised that one spinal cord injury happens every day across Australia.
Q: Is there a story or event that led you to PBF as an organisation?
A: My grandmother has scoliosis, and her condition deteriorates each year. Even though she can still walk with a walker, she still has chronic pain. When I saw the job post for PBF, it intrigued me to learn more about spinal cord injuries and to make a difference in the spinal cord injury community.
Q: What are your hobbies/what do you get up to outside of work?
A: My hobbies include running, reading, and cooking new recipes. Whilst I am outside of work, I have my two children to look after, and we explore new parks, cafes, and sporting activities.
Q: What jobs did you have before joining PBF?
A: I worked for other charities in Membership Manager and Business Development roles, I was also a recruitment consultant and Retail Assistant Manager.
Q: Why did you start working with PBF?
A: To do something meaningful and embrace new learning opportunities.
Q: Why do you think people should become members of PBF Australia?
A: Spinal cord injuries happen more often than people think and, for such a low cost, the 24/7 financial protection against a permanent traumatic spinal cord injury is worth it in spades. Becoming a PBF member also helps PBF continue employing people living with permanent spinal cord injuries.
Q: Tell us something about yourself that not many people know:
A: I am Canadian and met my Australian husband on a Contiki Tour 16 years ago.
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