Meet the PBF team: Introducing Tayla Stone. 

  1. What is your role at PBF?  

 IP Engagement Officer, Peer Support & IP Presenter

  1. Take us through an average day for you at PBF:

Brightening up people’s day on the Fiona Stanley Spinal Ward    – Peer Support 

Promoting road safety and safe decision making through my crash story to our youth of today    

 – IP Presenter 


  1. What do you enjoy most about working for PBF?

The opportunity to change minds and save lives. 


  1. What positive change or impact have you been making at PBF?

Delivering a simple yet life changing message across schools from Perth to Busselton on behalf of RAC and PBF – “THINK BEFORE YOU DO” 


  1. 5. Is there a contribution or achievement you’re most proud of being a part of at PBF?

Becoming the IP Engagement Officer 


  1. 6. What most surprised you about the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury when you

began to learn about this topic? 

How two people can have the same level of injury yet deal with total differences.  


  1. 7. Is there a story or event that led you to PBF as an organisation?

My motorbike crash story and Symon Still reaching out to me to come on board. 


  1. 8. What are your hobbies/what do you get up to outside of work?

Lots of camping, 4wd bush and beach runs, dying my hair all colours of the rainbow and just being “lost” in nature. 


  1. 9. What is your favourite thing about working for PBF/to reduce the impact and incidence

of spinal cord injury? 

Engaging with the youth and watching their expressions as you share what being in hospital is really like.  


  1. 10. What jobs did you have before joining PBF?

Connecting Community for Kids – Family Mentor 

City of Rockingham – Community Development Officer, Youth Services Secretary and Business Administration traineeship 


  1. 11. Why did you start working with PBF?

Because I don’t want other young people to go through what I went through at such a fragile age in life. My reality is that I lost a massive chunk of my life, that I will never gain back, and it is difficult to live with that.  


  1. 12. Why do you think people should become members of PBF Australia?

Because you never know what life may throw at you.  


  1. 13. Tell us something about yourself that not many people know:

How much I disliked public speaking and the simple thought of it would make me cringe.  

Now I absolutely love it and honestly could not imagine myself not doing it.  

And that I can talk about anything! 


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