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Hear My Story - Make Better Choices

PBF Australia launched our Empathy Project at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia last month.

Hear My Story – Make Better Choices has a special underlying message that targets road safety for students and staff.

Both university campuses, Joondalup and Mt Lawley, hosted a “Health & Well-Being Expo” during Mental Health Week (9-13 October).  This expo provided us with an ideal platform to launch PBF’s initiative.

Participants were asked to listen to 5 minute recordings of our presenters personal injury stories, whilst the participants were sitting in a wheelchair.  They were then given the opportunity to ask PBF’s presenters, Neil Hart and Kim Dybing, a few questions based on that experience.

PBF’s CEO Martin Browning, along with Katie Stokes (BDM) and Symon Still (Injury Prevention Manager WA) were also in attendance.

Offering students a first-hand account of what it is like to experience and live with a spinal cord injury sustained through a road crash is often confronting and close to the heart.

With the goal of reducing the number of road deaths and serious injuries occurring in Australia, this program will help to educate young drivers on the possible consequences of poor decision-making.

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Neil Hart & Symon Still
Uni students listening to PBF's stories
Katie Stokes & Kym Dybing with uni students

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