Make A Claim

We already thought about your future – managing after a spinal cord injury.

Making a Claim

At PBF Australia, we ease the burden for members suffering a permanent spinal cord injury. Managing after a spinal cord injury is not just physical, it’s the financial and emotional challenges we often don’t anticipate.

As a PBF member who has sustained a permanent spinal cord injury, you are eligible to apply for a Member Benefit Payment.

To apply for a Member Benefit Payment, the member or the member’s agent must write and advise PBF Australia within 28 days of the day of the event that resulted in the spinal cord injury. Claims should be addressed to:

PBF Australia Ltd
PO Box 538
Floreat WA 6014


After receiving notification of your intention to claim for a permanent spinal cord injury, we will send you a claim form for Member Benefit Payment.

Please note that the maximum benefit payable to an eligible member is $250 000. See our Product Disclosure Statement for details of eligibility.

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