Special Event Cover

Put the risk on us – protect event participants with PBF’s sports event injury cover.

Our memberships options can be tailored to protect participants in special sporting events*. From an adventure ride to a triathlon or cycling event, our spinal cord injury protection removes the risk of injury from event organisers and enables participants to focus on the competition.

Unlike other products, participants with PBF Sports Event Injury Cover are not only covered 24 hours a day for the duration of the event, but also for the two months up to, and including the event*, this unique benefit is particularly useful during intense training periods.

In the event of a spinal cord injury, participants with valid sports event injury cover are eligible to claim $250,000 to help cover the immediate costs of injury, as well as ongoing living, medical and rehabilitation expenses including modifications to house and car.

Our affordable sporting event protection is designed to support an organisation’s commitment to duty of care, as well as bringing safety front of mind to help reduce the incidence of spinal cord injury in Australia.

Enquire about our PBF Australia’s sports event injury cover and join the fight against spinal cord injury.

Affordable spinal cord protection for special events in Australia

We offer low cost membership rates for events, from as low as $15 per participant for a one day event and $5 per day thereafter for multi day event – a small addition to the entrance fee given the value of the protection. The price also includes the extended cover for the two months lead up to the event.


We’ve got membership options to suit everyone

Private Membership

Our affordable private membership options are designed to protect individuals, doubles and families in the event of a spinal cord injury. APPLY NOW


No matter what field you work in, our low cost corporate membership offers employees 24-hour protection, every day of the year, in the event of a spinal cord injury. LEARN MORE


Both on and off the field, PBF Australia has got your team’s back at low-cost group rates. LEARN MORE


*Some conditions and exemptions apply, see our Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

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