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Teenage mates jumping off a bridge into the Gold Coast waterways – just a bit of harmless fun.  The water is deep enough and their only issue is timing the jump to avoid the water craft below.

Kieron decides to mix things up a bit and jump off head first, clutching his boogie board against his chest.  Only now the wind blows the board out from his body, so that his head hits the board first rather than the water.  It is like landing on concrete.  The board doesn’t even break – but Kieron’s neck did!

Fast forward 14 years and Kieron is a strong independent man living with quadriplegia.  His disability and daily activity needs are complex and very specific. Quadriplegia is among the most expensive chronic injuries a person can face.

Without compensation, specialised equipment is generally funded through the government schemes, however there can be significant shortfalls.  Unfortunately these shortfalls can make the required equipment unaffordable.  Yet specific adaptions, such as the ones for Kieron’s power wheelchair, are essential to keep him an active part of his community.

It is at this point where PBF Australia’s Gifting Fund can help to ease the financial hardship on the families.  After all other avenues of financial support have been exhausted, PBF have the privilege of stepping up as a funder of last resort.  This is achieved by providing financial assistance to purchase equipment that enhances the freedom and quality of life for people like Kieron.

“My mother and I would like to thank PBF immensely for providing funding assistance towards my replacement wheelchair to help me continue to maintain my independence” said Kieron. “We are eternally grateful for PBF’s generosity and care in what was a very stressful time not knowing who could help in my desperate time of need. If wasn’t for PBF’s financial assistance I truly do not know how I would’ve been able to have met this cost.”

For PBF Australia’s Gifting Fund to continue to provide assistance to the community, we need your assistance.  PBF Australia is a well-respected registered charity, and tax-deductable donations are how these gifts are funded.  With your support PBF will be able to continue to assist the people who slip through the funding gaps.

Donate today and be the difference that enhances the lives of the people who need it the most.

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