What Inspires You To Be Safe?


‘’I don’t think there would be too many people that wouldn’t benefit from this presentation.’’  Bradley Hutchinson, Safety & Productivity Coordinator, Burdekin Shire Council.

On the 24th October as part of National Safe Work Month, the Burdekin Shire Council in Far North Qld’s town of Ayr, dedicated a day to the delivery of PBF’s Injury Prevention Programs.

Kicking off at 6am with a BBQ breakfast Council workers got to hear Paul Carson’s personal workplace injury story.  Paul then travelled to the Council Chambers where he delivered a further two presentations to the office staff. The day concluded with a final presentation back at the Depot.  The positive feedback received from the attendees was overwhelming.  We have shared the responses of two employees below.

“Thank you Paul for such a powerful presentation which really hits home on so many levels around workplace safety.  Fortunately, my family has not encountered an incident resulting in spinal cord injuries. However, after listening to Paul’s story I immediately understand how it affects every aspect of life.  You can’t help but think about what life would be like switching shoes with Paul and it’s quite compelling.  Simple decisions can have life changing consequences and ‘Safety as a Core Value’ certainly begins with each and every one of us!”  WHS Compliance Officer, Hayley.

“The presentation by Paul from PBF Australia was not only educational but provided a stepping stone towards making better ‘life decisions’.  It reminded employees that it is better to slow down and think about the situation rather than working in ‘automatic’ mode.  One bad decision or rushing can compromise safety for not only yourself but also for those you work with. A spinal cord injury IS a life changing event.  Knowing how important safety is and being safety conscious is better than reflecting on how this could have been avoided.” Manager Client Services, Eileen.

If you would like more information about PBF’s Workplace Injury Prevention Programs or to make a booking for your workplace you can do so here 

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