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PBF’s Jane Hutch took up dancing only 12 weeks ago.  Having never done ballroom dancing before, or even imagined herself doing it, Jane found the sport to be a delightful surprise.

Para Dance is defined by Ballroom Fit as “an elegant, graceful and stylish sport which involves athletes with a physical impairment that affects the lower limbs dancing in a wheelchair.  Para Dancers are partnered with an experienced dancer.”

In general Jane practices once a week.  Recently she participated in a para ballroom demonstration in Western Australia along with 32 dancers.  This was quite an achievement as at the beginning of the year they only had 3 dancers.  You can see her in action here www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1HfQTqCnGs

The benefits of dance to a person with a spinal cord injury are enormous.  Physically there is the maintenance of balance, flexibility, range of motion, coordination and improved respiratory control.  However it is often the psychological effects that have the greater impact, such as social interaction, the development of relationships, and an opportunity to engage in a fun and friendly event.

Jane has currently been practicing twice a week, learning new routines with the goal of competing in the upcoming championships in Melbourne from 7-9 December.

A happy go lucky sort of person, Jane enjoys having a sense of purpose in the world.

Para Dance is a Paralympic Sport. Competitions are held around the world and from 2019 Para Dance competitions will commence in Perth.  Jane credits her instructor, Darryl Davenport, with giving her a love for the sport. You never know, one day you may even see her at the Paralympics.

“Dancing gives me a natural high and makes me feel elated.” Jane Hutch

For more information on Para Dancing visit www.ballroomfit.com.au

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