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For a service or sports club it makes good sense to join PBF. Whether it be on the track or field, work or play, or providing services to the community, PBF membership provides year-long coverage for all club members. 

PBF Membership means all club members are eligible to claim $250,000 should they sustain a permanent spinal cord injury*. 

For example over recent years PBF has made payments to football club members injured both on and off the field, providing immediate and crucial financial support to ease the impact of devastating spinal cord injury. 

Who are our Members? 

Current members include clubs from all football codes, a diverse range of sporting clubs, associations, not-for profits, RSL, Rotary and Lions clubs. 

Club Membership Fees 

We offer low cost membership rates for clubs starting from as low as $15 per person – a small addition to a club subscription fee given the value of the protection provided. Further discounts may apply for large sporting associations.  

Visit to find out more or call 1800 809 780 to talk to us about membership today. 

*See our Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions 

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