Safety as a Core Life Value


Every day someone in Australia suffers a permanent spinal cord injury. Many understand the importance of safety in the workplace, on the road and the water, but few people make it a priority in their life – until it is too late.

PBF’s workplace injury prevention programs encourage individuals to consider the lifelong impacts an unsafe work choice can have on their future health and those around them. We motivate behavioural change by challenging participants to:

  • Take on safety as a core life value
  • Realise that everyone is responsible for safe work practices

Our interactive sessions are available across Australia and are suitable for large and small groups. They can be tailored to any business type.

Jason McGregor was a Shot Firer in the Mining industry and loved the tough environment working in a team, the heat, planning and setting up the blast of a large area. Jason is one of PBF’s senior presenters in Queensland and has being presenting to Action Drill and Blast. The difference is that he has worked in the industry in the past and even worked alongside some of those that he has been presenting too.

Action Drill & Blast engaged PBF to increase awareness and the importance of Safety in the workplace and in their life at home. Mark Hall, Regional Manager East explains “having Jason present to the leadership team made sense as he comes from a familiar background – “Blasting” understanding areas of risk and controls. Long distance driving is a high-risk activity for our business, and we also engaged an Australian owned business to introduce a user-friendly APP (JMS – Journey Management System) that is simple, compliant, and safe to help manage our driving risk exposure. The JMS app also enables Managers to have real-time insights and live visibility of their people and the peace of mind that they have arrived safely. We have engaged PBF for 3 leadership sessions and plans are in place to have PBF present to the wider workforce in coming months”.

Many of PBF’s presenters have sustained a permanent injury following an incident that could have been prevented, through speaking up, taking two minutes to stop and risk assess, or simply by keeping safety at front of mind.

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