Bob’s Story


Bob Rees’ life changed forever on July 19th, 2019. He and his beloved wife of 47 years Chris were in Malawi, on one of their motorbike adventures. While crossing a one-way bridge, a car accelerated without warning towards his bike, crashing into it at speed and throwing him and Chris from the bike. They were both seriously injured and being in a remote place in a developing nation, meant their ordeal had only just begun. Help arrived after 90 mins and Bob and Chris were loaded onto the back of the truck and started the long journey to hospital. Tragically Chris passed away before they reached hospital and Bob’s spinal cord injury at T11-12 has left him a paraplegic. 

Bob thinks people should consider PBF membership for themselves. “The cost of modification to house and car as well as wheelchair and medical equipment is incredible; nothing is cheap. Grants are there, but they can be, slow, very involved and hard to get. $250,000 would make all the difference, giving access to quality equipment to assist in living a full, rewarding life. You never know what the future has in store for you, a spinal injury can happen to anyone”. 

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