It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Symon Still


It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Symon Still a much-loved and valued member of the PBF team; he passed away suddenly at home on Sunday 9th January 2022.

Symon has been an integral part of the PBF team, leading our injury prevention programs since 2004. He dedicated much of his time to the recruitment, training, coaching and personal mentoring of our injury prevention speakers – the positive impact and influence that he has had on the lives of so many others cannot be underestimated.

Symon was passionate about education, learning and continual improvement; always looking to develop himself and others. Over the years he has personally designed many of our injury prevention programs and has been instrumental in the growth of PBF Australia. Much of our current success is a direct result of Symon’s personal efforts, management and expertise.

His life changed forever after a devastating road accident, but he refused to let his injury prevent him from forging a successful career. His commitment to PBF and compassion for others is unmatched. He was a caring, thoughtful, man with a great sense of humour – he maintained his passion for all sport, with Roger Federer and Hawthorn Football Club featuring regularly in office conversations.

To many Symon was the face of PBF, to us he was the spirit. He has been an example to us all and will be sorely missed.

Symon was a devoted family man, and our thoughts are with Kim, Jacob and Ella at this most difficult time.

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