Injury Prevention in Youth


Encouraging better decision making

PBF Australia has developed a range of inspirational Injury Prevention programs that aim to reduce the incidence of serious injury in the water, on the road and at play.

Our educational safety program is designed for students from years 5-12 and is delivered by speakers who have sustained permanent spinal cord injuries. The Choices program is aimed at students, to make them more aware of the choices they make regarding safety.

Our program is designed to:

  • Make students aware of the choices they make regarding safety
  • Teach students about the spine and spinal cord
  • Share a personal story with students about the importance of safety

We emphasise safe practices and the consequences of making unsafe choices. Our speaker’s stories leave your audience with safety front of mind.

Available in Queensland, our Choices program offers participants a first-hand account of what it is like to experience and live with a spinal cord injury.

Our speakers

Real life stories, close to the heart.

Our injury prevention program speakers are inspiring individuals who have sustained a permanent injury; with many living full lives as a quadriplegic or paraplegic member of the community. Through our speakers’ personal stories, PBF is able to build greater awareness of the risks of spinal cord injury in Australia, as well as encourage safer environments and support better decision-making.

All our speakers are trained in facilitation techniques, presentation, listening and communication skills, and have an understanding of youth risk-taking behaviours.

Let us help you change the way you communicate about safety.

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