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WestCycle’s ACTIVE and SECURE membership categories both include membership of PBF Australia Ltd. (Paraplegic Benefit Fund). As a PBF member you are eligible to claim a $250,000 member benefit payment should you sustain a permanent traumatic spinal cord injury*

PBF member benefits will depend upon your Westcycle membership category.

*See PBF Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions

Learn how PBF membership can make a difference

Jodie’s life changed forever when she was struck by a motor vehicle whilst cycling. The driver, was over the legal alcohol limit, found to be fatigued at the time as well as using their mobile phone whist driving!

Working as a dietician and gym operator, the spinal cord injuries Jodie sustained in this cycling accident completely changed the course of her life.

Jodie is an engaging presenter and has a passion for educating drivers. Her goal is to help minimise the number of drivers on Australian roads that continue to use their phones or drive whilst intoxicated.

“Unfortunately, I was not a PBF member at the time of my accident. The $250,000 member benefit payment would have made a huge difference after my injury. It would have relieved financial pressure and helped with immediate expenses; allowing me to focus on my physical and mental rehabilitation. I would encourage everyone to consider joining PBF”.

— Jodie Nikolic, PBF Speaker

Ebonny was a very active member of the community pursuing her passion in photography and gaining experience in a bookkeeping career. She regularly enjoyed activities like motorcycling, camping, volleyball and travel until she was instantly paralysed after coming off a bridge while riding her motorbike.

Ebonny spent six months in hospital before returning home to a completely different life journey of living with a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately she wasn’t aware of PBF before her injury and what it might mean to easing the impact of her recovery.

“It took a year to prove I was permanently disabled to get the disability pension from Centrelink and two years to navigate the terms and conditions to claim TPD (Total Permanent Disability) on my superannuation. The PBF payment would’ve been instrumental to fast tracking my independence when I needed it most to cover, for example, certain modifications to my home and getting a suitable car. Now that I’m aware of what PBF does, I can’t believe how affordable it is for what it covers.”

— Ebonny McGann, PBF Admin Officer

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