No-one expects a
split second decision
to result in a spinal
cord injury.
Life can change
in an instant -

we are here to help
ease the impact.
We help you build the
skills and confidence
to move forward after a
spinal cord injury.

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Thank you for your support during COVID-19

PBF Australia employs up to 50 people living with permanent spinal cord injury – with your help & ongoing membership we can continue to do so!

Most are employed as injury prevention speakers visiting schools, workplaces and clubs. Understandably many of these bookings were cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. We have now been able to start presenting again in some locations and will continue to work hard to maintain engagement with our team. We will continue to rely on the generous support of our members during these challenging times.

Your membership will provide you with essential financial support should you sustain a permanent traumatic spinal cord injury. These unexpected life-changing injuries can occur at work, home or play & unfortunately will continue during the current crisis.

With a proud history of 35 years we remain dedicated to reducing the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury. We thank you for your ongoing PBF membership, your continuing support is greatly appreciated.

Stay safe.

We’ve Already Thought About Your Future - PBF Australia's Spinal Cord Injury Protection

Sustaining a spinal cord injury is not something you plan for, but in its event we can reduce the impact. PBF Australia is a membership-based organisation, offering crucial financial protection in the event of a permanent spinal cord injury.

Learn more about how we assist members should they face an unexpected traumatic spinal cord injury.

PBF Membership

Put Safety Front Of Mind.

Last year our workforce and student  injury prevention programs reached more than 48,000 Australians.

I need support.
I need support.
I need support.
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Sporting event cover.
Sporting event cover.
Our proud history.
Our proud history.
Our proud history.

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