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Visy is conducting a “Stop for Safety Day” at all their Fibre sites nationally.  A day where they stop production for 3 hours to educate their employees about safety in the work place including manual handling techniques.  Over a 5 month period PBF Australia are playing an important role in these days at different sites across Australia.

“Stop for Safety Day” will become an annual event for all Visy Fibre sites, aimed at educating employees about safe production and to stop and think prior to undertaking tasks.  This year PBF Australia’s workplace injury prevention presenters share their personal injury stories with Visy’s employees, with the emphasis of safety being a core life value.

PBF presenters have incurred a permanent injury, and their stories challenge individuals to consider the lifelong impacts an unsafe work choice can have on their future health and those around them.   Every day someone in Australia suffers a spinal cord injury and every year more than 100,000 Australians are involved in a serious workplace accident.  Through PBF’s speaker’s stories Visy is able to build greater awareness of the risk of serious injury, as well as encouraging their employees to take personal responsibility for adopting safe work practices.

“’I was really excited when our Director decided that Stop for Safety Day should become an annual event for Visy Fibre.  It is such a great initiative that first began at our Visy Board sites in NSW 4 years ago.

The day is not only about promoting awareness around current Health and Safety issues that affect the business and our employees, but also a celebration that brings us all together and gets us to stop and think about our Health and Wellbeing.

The PBF presenters were the most impacting of the 3 topics we had on the day, every site has commented that the speakers stories were really well received by all our employees and really made them rethink the importance of our Safety Procedures and why taking a shortcut is just not worth it!”

Karla Chou – National OHS & Return to Work Coordinator – Visy Fibre

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