Safety as a Core Life Value


PBF Australia has been working with Santos for the last four years. Earlier this year PBF QLD’s Injury Prevention Manager Darron Shields attended the Santos GLNG worksite to deliver five PBF presentations to teams who were heading into a shutdown.?The teams we presented to over the five days included operations crews,?maintenance crews, the engineering team, the day team and shutdown contractors. 

Darron had been working with Santos GLNG for a couple of months to implement the scheduling of the programs at Curtis Island, with the main focus being “Safety as a Core Life Value”. The aim was to increase understanding of the “human factor” as part of safety systems: we can have all the processes and procedures in place (which Santos does very well), however the human factor always plays a part in an incident.  

The presentations hit the guys hard with emotional engagement through a personal story and sharing key points from other PBF presenters’ stories. This helped attendees understand it’s not just the person injured that is affected; it’s also who and what we value?in our lives – family/friends, health, income and the freedom to do what we want when we want to!  

PBF Australia successfully deliver workplace injury prevention programs throughout Australia, and we are often asked to present at remote regional locations. Our injury prevention presenters are in wheelchairs; however, they pride themselves on their independence and ability to take our safety message to the workers in their workplace.   

PBF Australia’s cost-effective safety training can help you make safety a priority in your business.

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