Greg’s Story


“Work hard and enjoy life but make sure you’re getting enough sleep.”

Greg grew up on a farm, learning from an early age that work was hard and hours were long. This mentality continued throughout his life, in particular when supporting his young family.

In the lead up to his incident Greg was only getting 4 hours sleep per night. He always felt tired but was used to it, so continued to push himself. Early one morning Greg’s fatigue finally caught up with him. He fell asleep at the wheel, his car left the road and collided with a tree. Greg was only 2km from his destination.

Sustaining life threatening injuries, overtime Greg made a decent recovery. However he lives with quadriplegia from his C5/6 spinal cord injury. Greg shares his personal story so that others can see how important healthy sleep patterns are, and avoid the risk of fatigue related incidents.

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