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The benefits of PBF membership


Craig was a fit and healthy full-time firefighter.  Last year, whilst preparing to go out for his regular kite surf, a freak gust of wind lifted him into the air and shot him backwards into a sand dune. Craig fractured his spine and his spinal cord was severed leaving him permanently paralysed. He stayed in hospital for 5 months.

As a PBF member Craig received the $250,000-member benefit payment just five weeks after his accident.  This alleviated financial pressure and allowed him to focus on his rehab and preparations for returning home.

Craig used $60,000 of his PBF member benefit payment on home and garden modifications; he also bought a new car and had it converted to hand controls. He was able to pay for some private surgery to dramatically improve his quality of life post-injury.

Craig encourages people to think about how they would manage if an unexpected spinal cord injury happened to them.  How would they afford the associated costs?  As Craig explains, for a low annual membership fee, you can have “peace of mind knowing that if something happens, your family will be OK.”

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